OC Seals Open Water Swim Training

OC Seals is a local, community-driven Open Water Swim Training for Triathletes and Swimmers that want to improve their open water swim abilities, knowledge, skills and conditioning to prepare for triathlon and open water races.

We offer weekly, coached practices at Bays and OC beaches with expert coaches and safety personnel to have the best experience for open water swimming in Orange County.

We run social distance style practices with staggered starts and welcome all levels, ages and abilities.

Come Train & Play in the Water with Us!

Open Water Swim Training for Triathletes and Swimmers. Join any of the coached beach or bay swim practices after attending one of our small group clinics (Certification Levels 1 & 2). We offer weekly, coached practices at Bays and OC beaches.

Level 1 is Basic Open Water Skills to be able to swim safely in a lake or bay environment.

Level 2 is Intermediate Open Water Skills includes open ocean skills covering, overcoming fear of waves and other ocean challenges, reading the surf and currents, entries and exits into surf and other specific skills needed in open ocean swims.

Each Certification is about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. If you still feel like you need more instruction and practice with the skills you can repeat the certification on a future date before joining the group practices.

Yes, most practices have multiple coaches for the different level swimmers, as well as other safety personnel or paddlers.

These are coached practices, with specific objectives, skills, racing tactics, and conditioning. Athletes are paired by ability, but practices are being run social distancing style with staggered starts.

Generally, practices are done on shorter loop courses, as intervals with rest and instructions between. This is far more productive than just going for a single speed swim of 30 min to 1 hour as most open water swimmers do.

We have a wide range of swimmers both in age and ability. Our youngest swimmers are in their teens and oldest in their 70’s. Swimmers range from about 2:30 pace per 100 to about 1:05 pace per 100.

You should be able to swim a continuous 500 yards in a deep-water pool without stress.

You should be able to tread water for 2 minutes in deep water.

Our coaches offer private lessons and can work with you on water confidence, breathing techniques, stroke instruction specific to open water swimming, and wetsuit specific swimming techniques.

Complete the OC Seals Program Waivers and return to Natalie

Pay appropriate program/certification fees via Venmo or PayPal.

You will be sent the current ACCESS CODE to be able to RSVP for upcoming Certifications or Practices.

Once you join, you will be added to our Private Facebook Group where we share information about practice locations and special activities only available to OC Seals.

All swimmers must RSVP for each practice and include their phone number, and an emergency contact phone number. We send out specific details for each practice to those who RSVP for it. You should check your email the morning of a swim (before leaving home) to be sure there aren’t any last-minute changes or cancelations due to extreme condition changes. Sometimes we need to move the location or cancel for various reasons.

You can find the general schedule of practices on our calendar:

Call Natalie Barrad (949) 275-3800 or Michael Collins (949) 338-6682

Or, send your questions to ocseals@gmail.com, Include a phone number so we can call you to follow-up.